2021 Detailed program

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Zoom Meeting Room 1


Opening Remarks

Miranda Kirby and Pascal Fallavollita
ImNO 2021 Scientific Committee Chairs


Listening to the Sound of Light to Guide Surgeries

Dr. Muyinatu Bell

Chairs: Pascal Fallavollita, Miranda Kirby


Oral Sessions 1 – 3: Tuesday, March 23, 9:30 – 10:45


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Oral 1
Image-Guided Devices

Oral 2
Lung & Cellular Imaging

Oral 3
Imaging for Musculoskeletal Analysis


Chairs: Stewart Gaede, Amoon Jamzad

Chairs: Daniel Lorusso, Donna Goldhawk

Chairs: Elvis Chen, Eno Hysi


O1-1: Translation of an ultrasound-guided needle placement system to Mauritania

Julia Wiercigroch, Queen's University

O2-1: Variable Temporal Resolution Cartesian Sampling for Cell Tracking MRI

Mark Armstrong, University of Windsor

O3-1: Detecting treatment failure in rheumatoid arthritis with near-infrared light: in silico investigation within simulated disease states

Seva Ioussoufovitch, Western University


O1-2: Feasibility of fusing three-dimensional transabdominal and transrectal ultrasound images to visualize intracavitary gynaecological brachytherapy applicators

Jessica R Rodgers, Robarts Research Institute

O2-2: Computed Tomography Airways and Vessels: Bridging the Gap in COPD

Huma Asghar, Ryerson University

O3-2: Effect of body mass on cementless implant fixation for total knee replacement

Jordan Broberg, Western University


O1-3: Development of an open-source prostate biopsy training system

Catherine O Wu, Queen's University

O2-3: CT Emphysema and Small Airway Disease Clusters and Progression of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Sarah Kadhim, Ryerson University

O3-3: Reliability and concurrent validity of 3D ultrasound for quantifying knee cartilage volume

Sam Papernick, Western University


O1-4: Margin expansion study for mpMRI-defined prostatic lesions in the setting of focally boosted high-dose rate prostate brachytherapy

Christopher W Smith, Western University

O2-4: Progressive changes in glutamate concentration in early stages of schizophrenia - A longitudinal 7-Tesla MRS study

Peter Jeon, Western University

O3-4: In-vivo porcine tendon release using high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation

William Chu Kwan, The Hospital for Sick Children


O1-5: Feasibility and clinical utility of three-dimensional ultrasound in oral cavity cancers

Jacob Wihlidal, Western University

O2-5: Magnetic particle imaging quantifies the dilution of intracellular iron labels by proliferating breast cancer cells in vitro

Maryam A Berih, Western University

O3-5: In vivo porcine tendon release using high-intensity focused ultrasound long-pulse histotripsy followed by thermal ablation

Imogen K den Otter Moore, The Hospital for Sick Children


Pitch Sessions 4 – 6: Tuesday, March 23, 10:55 – 11:40


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Pitch 4
Image Guided Surgery

Pitch 5
Device, Hardware, System Development I

Pitch 6
Machine Learning for Cancer Applications


Chairs: Nathan Orlando, Tamas Ungi

Chairs: Ali Tavallaei, TianDuo Wang

Chairs: Faranak Akbarifar, Sarah Mattonen


P4-1: Validating 3D shape estimation using the Basel Face Model towards planning craniofacial reconstruction

Zachary Fishman, University of Toronto - Sunnybrook Research Institute

P5-1: Validation of a Retrospective Eddy Current Correction Algorithm for Advanced Diffusion MRI

Paul I Dubovan, Western University

P6-1: The Impact of the Variation of CT Scanner on the Prediction of Human papillomavirus (HPV) Association of Oropharyngeal Cancer (OPC) using Radiomic Models

Reza Reiazi, Princess Margaret Cancer Research Center


P4-2: Augmented Reality Relaxed Skin Tension Lines for Face Surgery - Initial Results on a Mobile Device

Wenzhangzhi Guo, University of Toronto

P5-2: A simple, realistic walled phantom for intravascular and intracardiac applications

Hareem Nisar, Western University

P6-2: Effects of Feature Type and Selection on Machine Learning Classifier Accuracy for Predicting Brain Metastasis Response to Stereotactic Radiosurgery

David A DeVries, Western University


P4-3: Preclinical Evaluation of a Bedside Image-Guidance System for External Ventricular Drainage

Adam Hopfgartner, Sunnybrook Research Institute

P5-3: Toward high-resolution PEM and US-guided core-needle biopsy

Claire K Park, Western University

P6-3: Impact of Radiomic Biopsies on Feature Extraction in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lauren M Zelko, Western University


P4-4: Miniature C-Arm Simulator Using Wireless Accelerometer Based Tracking

Daniel Allen, Robarts Research Institute

P5-4: Evaluating the feasibility of resting-state fMRI at low-field MR scanner by investigating the relationship between temporal signal to noise ratio and resting-state networks.

Arjama Halder, Western University

P6-4: Quantitative Imaging Derived Metrics for Prostate Cancer Therapy Induced Sarcopenia

Kelly J Fullerton, Sunnybrook Research Institute


P4-5: Optimization of MRI thermometry for controlled hyperthermia-mediated drug delivery in a murine model of pediatric sarcoma

Suzanne Wong, The Hospital for Sick Children

P5-5: Theoretical Comparison of the Detective Quantum Efficiency of Halide Lead Perovskite, Cesium Iodide and Selenium X-Ray Imaging Detectors

Michael Belli, Ryerson University

P6-5: Detection and localization of transition and peripheral zone prostate cancers on apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) map MR images using U-Net ensemble

Timothy Wong, University of Guelph


P4-6: Quantifying Tissue Optical Properties using Structured Illumination for Oral Cancer Surgery

Murtuza V Rajkotwala, University Health Network

P5-6: B1+ Field Homogeneity and Signal Generation of a Koch Fractal RF Coil for Sodium MRI

Cameron Nowikow, McMaster University

P6-6: Validation of a CT based radiomics signature in oropharyngeal cancer: assessing sources of variation

Philipp Guevorguian, Western University


P4-7: A platform for robot-assisted intraoperative imaging in breast conserving surgery

Laura P Connolly, Queen's University

P5-7: Impact of Volumetric 4D-CT Motion Artifact Reduction on Ventilation Imaging

Heather M Young, Western University

P6-7: A CT-based radiomics model for predicting gastrostomy tube insertion in oropharyngeal cancer

Tricia Chinnery, Western University


P4-8: Transrectal diffuse optical tomography system to monitor photothermal therapy of localized prostate cancer

Ivan Kosik, University Health Network

P5-8: TITAN: A Hyperion Imaging System Data Analysis Software

Sindhura Thirumal, Queen's University

P6-8: Platform-Independent Management of Histopathologic Annotations in Cancer Research: Application in High-Dimensional Metabolomic Image Analysis

Amoon Jamzad, Queen's University


P4-9: Improving central line needle insertions using in situ vascular reconstructions

Leah Groves, Robarts Research Institute

P5-9: Evaluating Back-to-Back and Day-to-Day Reproducibility of Cortical GABA Measurements with MEGA-PRESS Using 32-channel Head Coil

Sonja Elsaid, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health/University of Toronto

P6-9: Automated Contouring of Breast Tumors using Machine Learning

Josh H Ehrlich, Queen's University


Pitch Sessions 7 – 9: Tuesday, March 23, 11:45 – 12:25


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Pitch 7
Image Processing

Pitch 8
 Device, Hardware, System Development II

Pitch 9
 Contrast Agents I


Chairs: Layale Bazzi, Lueder A. Kahrs

Chairs: Natasha Alves-Kotzev, Tales Santini

Chairs: Amin Jafarisojahrood, Timothy Scholl


P7-1: Microscopic Fractional Anisotropy Imaging in the Human Brain: An Optimized Kurtosis Approach vs. the Gamma Model

Nico J J Arezza, Western University

P8-1: Theoretical Comparison of Energy-Resolved and Digital-Subtraction Angiography

Sarah Aubert, Ryerson University

P9-1: Longitudinal Observation of the Emphysema Progression in Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Using 3He/129Xe MRI

Elise Woodward, Western University


P7-2: Sub-second and Dynamic Computed Tomography Development at the Canadian Light Source

Xiao Fan Ding, University of Saskatchewan

P8-2: Field profile analysis of a 2D spiral array for high-volume-rate 3D ultrasound imgaing

Rebekah Maffett, University of Waterloo

P9-2: Effect of low dose daily aspirin on cerebral blood flow and kidney function in hypertensive rats

Greg Cron, The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute


P7-3: Reliability Assessment of Cerebrospinal Fluid Suppressed Microscopic Fractional Anisotropy

Mohammad Omer, Western University

P8-3: Inhomogeneity and ramping effects in delta relaxation enhanced magnetic resonance

Matthew A McCready, Western University

P9-3: A Remarkably Stable Manganese(III) Porphyrin as a Building Block for Bioconjugation

Keith Tang, University of Toronto


P7-4: A Systematic Study of the Effect of Scan Time on the Reproducibility of Cortical MEGA-PRESS GABA+ Measurements: Preliminary Data

Peter Truong, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

P8-4: Network Parameter and Quality Factor Assessment of Fractal RF Coils for Sodium MRI

Cameron Nowikow, McMaster University

P9-4: Materials for Anthropomorphic MRI Phantoms

Eunyoung Cho, Ryerson University


P7-5: Automatic determination of the regularization weighting for low rank reconstructions

Gabriel EM Varela-Mattatall, Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping

P8-5: Evaluating Gradient Induced Main Magnet Coil Heating

Diego F Martinez, Western University

P9-5: Characterizing the chronic evolution of ablation lesion and edema using native T1 and 3D late gadolinium enhancement (LGE) after radiofrequency ablation therapy (RFA) in a swine model of ischemic VT

Terenz R Escartin, Sunnybrook Research Institute


P7-6: Measuring endogenous levels of GABA, GSH, and GLU in a human brain using MRI

Kesavi Kanagasabai, Lawson Health Research Institute

P8-6: Radiofrequency coils for single-sided portable magnetic resonance

Doris Rusu, University of Windsor

P9-6: A Bifurcating Microvessel Phantom to Assess Feature Resolvability in Sub-Diffraction Limit Contrast Ultrasound Imaging

Hanyue Shangguan, University of Waterloo


P7-7: Cost-effective micro-CT imaging of medical components fabricated with additive manufacturing

Santiago F Cobos, Western University

P8-7: DS- MT- Bound Solvent- And 4-Pool Glucocest Optimization Of Simultaneous Multiple Offset Saturation Pulse Via Genetic Algorithm

Siddharth Sadanand, Ryerson University

P9-7: Myocardial glucose suppression interferes with the detection of inflammatory cells with FDG-PET in a canine model of myocardial infarction

Benjamin Wilk, Lawson Health Research Institute


P7-8: In vivo molecular imaging of the mouse cholinergic projection system

Kate M Onuska, Western University

P8-8: Necessity of using Impulse-Sampled Notation and Fourier Transform rather than Discrete Fourier Transform for Determining Spectral Performance of Image Post Processing

Ian Cunningham, Western University




Zoom Meeting Room 1


Academic Alumni Panel

Chairs: Layale Bazzi, Alfred Yu

Sarah Mattonen, Western University
Dafna Sussman, Ryerson University
Eran Ukwatta, University of Guelph
Yiwen Xu, University Health Network


Pitch Sessions 10 – 12: Tuesday, March 23, 13:35 – 14:10


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Pitch 10
Musculoskeletal Imaging

Pitch 11
Deep Learning

Pitch 12
 Contrast Agents II


Chairs: Corey Baron, Nathan Orlando

Chairs: Nova Alam, Dafna Sussman

Chairs: Edward Taylor, Kevin Wyszatko


P10-1: The Effect of Volar Scapholunate Tears on Carpal Kinematics

Sydney M Robinson, Western University

P11-1: A Deep 2D-UNet Ensemble for the Segmentation of Microstructural White Matter Damage in mTBI Patients using Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Brian C McCrindle, McMaster University

P12-1: Endobronchial Ultrasound and Drug-Loaded Microbubbles for In Vivo Targeted Lung Cancer Therapy

Sean F McGrath, University of Toronto


P10-2: Enhanced uCT imaging enables high resolution 3D visualization of microdamage in rat vertebrae

Allison Tolgyesi, University of Toronto

P11-2: Aliasing Removal in Color Flow Imaging using Deep Learning

Hassan Nahas, University of Waterloo

P12-2: Carbon-11 labelling of ALK2 inhibitors and PET neuroimaging in rodents



P10-3: Examination of Radiocarpal vs Midcarpal Contribution to Flexion Motion of the Wrist

Elizabeth Norman, Western University

P11-3: Automatic Deep Learning-Based Segmentation of Neonatal Cerebral Ventricles from 3D Ultrasound Images

Zachary Szentimrey, University of Guelph

P12-3: Mapping vitamin B6 by CEST-MRI

Emilie MSP Brun, University of Ottawa


P10-4: Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography Scans Allow Dynamic Visualization and Measurement of Scapulothoracic Joint Kinematics

Baraa Daher, Western University

P11-4: Detection of COVID-19 from Chest X-ray Images using Transfer Learning

Jenita Manokaran, University of Guelph

P12-4: Feasibility Study of Simultaneous Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI and [15O]water PET Measurements

Ramanpreet K Sembhi, Western University


P10-5: Validation of new 3-Dimensional Ultrasound Device for determining Synovial Tissue Volume in the Hands and Wrists.

Carla du Toit, Western University

P11-5: Tissue Classification of Mass Spectrometry iKnife Data Using Graph Convolutional Networks

Faranak Akbarifar, Queen's University

P12-5: The Feasibility of Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI for lung damage in COVID-19 Survivors using a Key-Hole Method.

Tuneesh K Ranota, Western University


P10-6: Anatomical Measurement of Kangaroo Cervical (C3-C7) Vertebral Endplates Using Micro-CT

Joseph U. Umoh, Robarts Research Institute

P11-6: Deep learning model for motion correction of MRI images using small training sets

Ivailo E Petrov, Robarts Research Institute

P12-6: The Use of a Novel Sampling/Reconstruction Method for Non-Proton and Low Field MRI

Samuel Perron, Western University


P10-7: Effect of vitamin D and memantine supplementation on body composition in the APP/PS1 mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease following chronic vitamin D deficiency

Dana N Broberg, Western University

P11-7: Deep Learning for Motion Correction using Multichannel MRI Data

Miriam Hewlett, Western University



Oral Sessions 13 – 15: Tuesday, March 23, 14:15 – 15:30


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Oral 13
Cancer Imaging

Oral 14
Deep Learning for Segmentation

Oral 15
Animal Model & Image processing


Chairs: Aaron Fenster, Matt Gwilliam

Chairs: Jordan DeKraker, Graham Wright

Chairs: Amir Manbachi, Jessica Rodgers


O13-1: Comparing the detection of breast cancer brain metastasis with magnetic particle imaging (MPI) to MRI

Natasha Knier, Western University

O14-1: Cross Attention Squeeze Excitation Network (CASE-Net) for Whole Body Fetal MRI Segmentation

Justin Lo, Ryerson University

O15-1: Microstructural Diffusion MRI in Mouse Models of Severe and Repetitive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Naila M Rahman, Western University


O13-2: In vivo evaluation of a cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) radiopharmaceutical, [11C]MC1, in human colorectal cancer xenograft mouse models

Amanda Boyle, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

O14-2: DeepMV: Fully Automatic Ultrasound Segmentation for Patient Specific Mitral Valve Modelling

Patrick Carnahan, Robarts Research Institute

O15-2: CEST-MRI for Monitoring Effects of Cariporide on Intracellular Tumour pH in a Rat Glioma Model

Maryam Mozaffari, Robarts Research Institute


O13-3: Comparison of Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI Signal Analysis Methods to Assess Response to Single and Three-Fraction Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for Early Stage Breast Cancer

Allen Sun, Western University

O14-3: Automatic whole cell segmentation for multiplexed images of ovarian cancer tissue sections

Wenchao Han, University of Toronto

O15-3: Spatial Dependence of CT Emphysema in COPD Quantified using Join Count Statistics

Sukhraj Virdee, Ryerson University


O13-4: Assessment of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Response to Chemotherapy using Enhanced Ultrasound Elastography

Niusha Kheirkhah, Western University

O14-4: Renal Boundary and Tumour Segmentation in Multiparametric MRI using U-Net with Transfer Learning

Anush Agarwal, University of Guelph

O15-4: Fractal Dimensions of Airway Surfaces from Computed Tomography in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Jason Todd Bartlett, Ryerson University


O13-5: Molecular imaging reveals a high degree of cross-seeding of spontaneous metastases in a novel mouse model of synchronous bilateral breast cancer

Shirley Liu, Robarts Research Institute

O14-5: Automated myocardial segmentation of extracellular volume maps using a U-Net based convolutional neural network

Nadia A Farrag, Carleton University

O15-5: Contrast-Free Ultrasound Microvascular Imaging to Enhance Vascular Quantification in a Mouse Model of Peripheral Artery Disease

Mahsa Bataghva, Western University


Pitch Sessions 16 – 18: Tuesday, March 23, 15:40 – 16:20


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Pitch 16
Machine Learning I

Pitch 17
Neuro Imaging

Pitch 18
Computation Modeling


Chairs: Jaryd Christie, Maged Goubran

Chairs: Corey Baron, Claire Park

Chairs: Miriam Hewlett, Dan Xiao


P16-1: 3D-DABTS: 3D Domain Adapted Breast Tissue Segmentation via Knowledge Distillation Mixup

Grey C Kuling, University of Toronto

P17-1: The trajectory of putative astroglial dysfunction in first episode schizophrenia - A longitudinal 7-Tesla MRS study

Peter Jeon, Western University

P18-1: Validation of a Monte-Carlo Model of a Photon-Counting X-ray Detector for Breast Imaging Applications

James A Day, Ryerson University


P16-2: Transfer Learning Approach for Automated Kidney Segmentation on MRI sequences

Rohini P Gaikar, University of Guelph

P17-2: Glutathione as a molecular marker of functional impairment in patients with at-risk mental state - 7-Tesla 1H-MRS study

Peter Jeon, Western University

P18-2: Highly Focussed Collimators for Increased Resolution of Hand-Held Gamma Probes

Sydney Wilson, Western University


P16-3: Surgical tool tracking with object detection for performance assessment in central venous catheterization

Olivia O'Driscoll, Queen's University

P17-3: Ultra-high field imaging of the human amygdala nuclei: manual segmentation to atlas development

Sara M Pac, Western University

P18-3: Determination of Lung Hyperelastic Parameters using 4D-CT and a Biomechanical Model

Dayton Miranda, Western University


P16-4: 2D and 3D Labelling Methods for Facial Skin Tension Lines

Bao Yi (Emily) Huang, University of Toronto

P17-4: Reducing the Incidence of CT Perfusion Infarct Volume Overestimation in Acute Ischemic Stroke

Kevin J Chung, Western University

P18-4: Fatigue Analysis of Wireless Load Cells for Biomedical Applications

William Anderson, Western University


P16-5: Machine Learning to Detect Brain Lesions in Focal Epilepsy

Andrea Perera-Ortega, Queen's University

P17-5: Synthesis and PET imaging of the 4R-tau radiotracer [18F]CBD-2115 in rodents and non-human primate

Anton Lindberg, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

P18-5: Ongoing Development of a Numerical Bloch Solver for Low-Field Pulse Sequence Modeling

John Adams, Western University




P17-6: Parcellation of the Piriform Cortex through Clustering of Laminar Features in the Unfolded 3D BigBrain: Correspondence with Diffusion Tractography, and Resting-state fMRI at 7T

Nickolas K Christidis, Western University

P18-6: Monte Carlo Simulation for Magnetic Resonance Diffusion

Tristhal Parasram, University of Windsor




P17-7: Brain network connectivity and neurodevelopmental outcomes in children with infantile hydrocephalus

Ramina Adam, Western University

P18-7: Exponential Analysis for 2D Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Spectrum using Neural Networks

Tristhal Parasram, University of Windsor





P18-8: Correlating Macro and Microstructure in the Hippocampus

Bradley G Karat, Western University


Gather Town


Social Event
Escape Room imaging style, trivia night, games, meet colleagues in cafe

Organized by ImNO Student Sub-committee:
Nova Alam, Sarah Aubert, Colton Barr, Layale Bazzi, Emilie Brun, Rohini Gaikar, Kesavi Kanagasabai

Town opens for access from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Click HERE to access.
Escape Room competition starts at 4:30 p.m.
Access password: ImNO2021SocialEvent

Welcome to the first virtual ImNO 2021 Social Event!

To begin, please watch this short video that will introduce all the features you will need to enjoy your time on the Gather Town platform.  There are also written instructions available.

Participants that are not taking part in the Escape Room challenge may chat with other users in the main trivia room or in the garden, located at the entrance of the trivia room.  There will be rounds of trivia throughout the evening so please make sure to join in with us!

Participants who have signed up for the Escape Room Challenge may find their teams here.  The Escape Room event will begin at 4:30 PM, at this point all teams have 60 minutes to complete the challenge.  Once half an hour has elapsed, participants will be asked to close the forms and return to the main room.  The winners will be announced at the ImNO closing ceremony.  Remember, all teams will be judged based on the order in which they complete the quizzes and the number of correct answers submitted before time runs out.

The event will be warpping up around 6:00 PM.  We hope you enjoy your time with us!

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


Zoom Meeting Room 1


Opening Remarks

Miranda Kirby and Pascal Fallavollita


COVID-19 Panel

Chairs: Marat Slessarev, Sarah Svenningsen

Matthias Friedrich, McGill University Health Centre
Simon Graham, Sunnybrook Research Institute
Grace Parraga, Robarts Research Institute
Aaron So, Lawson Health Research Institute


Oral Sessions 19 – 21: Wednesday, March 24, 09:55 – 11:10


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Oral 19
COVID-19 & Brain Related Injuries

Oral 20
MRI Contrast

Oral 21
Machine Learning II


Chairs: Kathleen Surry, Kevin Wyszatko

Chairs: Paul Dubovan, Jill Weyers

Chairs: Salma Dammak, April Khademi


O19-1: Automated Registration of 3D Ultrasound Images of Preterm Neonates to Identify Intraventricular Hemorrhaging: Preliminary Findings using SPM-12

Nicholas K Belanger, University of Guelph

O20-1: Toward a reporter gene for MRI: Essential proteins from magnetic bacteria interact in mammalian cells

Qin Sun, Lawson Health Research Institute

O21-1: Central Line Tutor: using computer vision workflow recognition in a central venous catheterization training system

Rebecca Hisey, Queen's University


O19-2: The Severity of Spinal Cord Compression is Associated with Functional Plasticity in Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy

Alicia Cronin, Western University

O20-2: Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis of Mammalian Cells Expressing Essential Magnetosome Genes mamI and mamL

Prushoth Vivekanantha, Western University

O21-2: Ultrasound Probe Pose Classification for Task Recognition in Central Venous Catheterization

Colton A Barr, Queen's University


O19-3: Correlating Concussion Symptoms and Brain Injury in Paediatric Concussion

Ethan Danielli, McMaster University

O20-3: Gadolinium-Free MRI Blood Pool Contrast Agents: Manganese(III) Porphyrins With Tunable Human Serum Albumin Binding Affinity

Hanlin Liu, University of Toronto

O21-3: Effect of dataset size and acquisition type on deep learning segmentation of the prostate in 3D ultrasound

Nathan Orlando, Robarts Research Institute


O19-4: Neurocovid19: Impact of the Virus on the Brain

Simon J Graham, Sunnybrook Research Institute

O20-4: Determination of cellular sensitivity for magnetic particle imaging

Julia Gevaert, Western University

O21-4: Preservation of Image Quality for Sparse Linear Ultrasound Probes via Supervised Deep Learning-based Inference

Di Xiao, University of Waterloo


O19-5: Long-term Effects of COVID-19 Illness in the Brain Assessed by 7T MRI

Helma Heidari, Robarts research Institute

O20-5: In vitro assessment of acoustically cavitated docetaxel-loaded nanobubbles on mouse breast cancer cells

Patrick Dong Min Chang, University of Toronto

O21-5: Classification of Spinal Curvature from 3D Spine CT Images using a Convolutional Neural Network

Geoff Klein, University of Toronto


Pitch Sessions 22 – 24: Wednesday, March 24, 11:20 – 11:55


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Pitch 22
Machine Learning III

Pitch 23
MR Imaging

Pitch 24
Cancer Imaging


Chairs: Miriam Hewlett, Billy Yiu

Chairs: Mihaela Pop, Gabriel Varela-Mattatall

Chairs: Naila Rahman, Timothy Scholl


P22-1: Domain Adaptation and Self-Supervised Learning for Surgical Margin Detection

Alice ML Santilli, Queen's University

P23-1: Loading Characteristics and Viability of Stem Cell-Derived Alveolar-Like Macrophages Tagged with Perfluoropolyether for 19F MRI of Chronic Lung Disease

Janny Kim, The Hospital for Sick Children

P24-1: Multi-Modality Imaging Assessment of the Heart and Lungs Before and After Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Radiotherapy

Oi Wai Chau, Western University



P22-2: Investigating the Effects of Transfer Learning on Medical Ultrasound Models

Calvin Zhu, McMaster University

P23-2: Synthesis and Evaluation of [18F]meta-fluorobenzylguanidine For Cardiac Sympathetic Nerve Imaging

Uzair S. Ismailani, University of Ottawa

P24-2: Optimization of three-dimensional ultrasound acquisition parameters for diagnostic evaluation of thyroid nodules

Viveka Sainani, Western University



P22-3: Healthcare Utilization Prediction Using CT Images and End-to-End Deep Convolutional Neural Network Learning Pipeline

Amir Moslemi, Ryerson university

P23-3: Evaluation of gadolinium-loaded plaster as a potential means of characterizing antibiotic diffusion in MRI

Gregory Hong, Robarts Research Institute

P24-3: Longitudinal in-vivo quantification of tumour microvasculature and hypoxia via optical coherence tomography angiography in a pre-clinical model of radiation therapy

Nader M Allam, University Health Network



P22-4: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma Differentiation by Dimension Reduction Based on Perturbation Theory for High Dimensional Quantitative CT Biomarkers

Amir Moslemi, Ryerson university

P23-4: pH-Weighted Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI in the Spine

Alicia Cronin, Western University

P24-4: SPECT/CT Imaging [ 177Lu]Lu-DOTA-RW03, a Targeted Radioimmunotherapy against Cancer Stem Cell Marker CD133

Kevin Wyszatko, McMaster University


P22-5: From pixels to cells: Development of biologically guided segmentation strategies for quantitative image analysis to interrogate single-cell data on multiplex immunostained tissue sections

Trevor D McKee, STTARR Innovation Centre / University Health Network

P23-5: Modelling Cellular Iron-handling in Inflammation: P19 Cells Secrete Biologically-active Hepcidin

Rahil Prajapati, Western University

P24-5: Comparison of ADC measurements from the MR-Linac and a diagnostic scanner in brain tumour patients

Liam SP Lawrence, University of Toronto




P23-6: Diffusion Tensor MRI Reveals Myocardial Fibre Architecture after Cell-Based Therapy in Myocardial Infarction

Moses P Cook, University of Toronto

P24-6: Response Assessment of Early-Stage Breast Tumours to Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR) using Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography (FDG-PET)

Zoe P Kerhoulas, Western University




P23-7: Fetoplacental and Maternal Body Composition Effects of Life Long Western Diet Consumption at Mid-Gestation Guinea Pig Pregnancy

Lindsay E Morris, Western University

P24-7: Derivation of Monoclonal Antibodies Targeting GvpA, the major structural protein of Gas Vesicles: A New Set of Tool for Detecting and Imaging Gas Vesicles

Ann Fernando, University of Toronto


Zoom Meeting Room 1


Industry Alumni Panel

Chair: Raphael Ronen

Daniel Gelman, Aufero Medical
Eli Gibson, Siemens Healthineers
Zahra Hosseini, Siemens Healthineers
Cynthia Stewart, GE Healthcare Canada


Oral Sessions 25 – 27: Wednesday, March 24, 13:05 – 14:20


Zoom Meeting Room 1

Zoom Meeting Room 2

Zoom Meeting Room 3


Oral 25
Machine Learning IV

Oral 26
MRI contrast & devices

Oral 27
Neuro Imaging


Chairs: Jordan DeKraker, Eranga Ukwatta

Chairs: Nilesh Ghugre, Matt Gwilliam

Chairs: Ting-Yim Lee, Naila Rahman


O25-1: Prediction of stroke thrombus RBC content from multiparametric MRI using machine learning

Emily Qin, Western University

O26-1: Validation of a mechatronics-assisted needle delivery system for MRI-guided prostate focal laser ablation

Eric Knull, Western University

O27-1: Characterization of the Cold Head Artifact Present in Simultaneous Studies of Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Electroencephalography

Alejandro Amador, McMaster University


O25-2: A Multiple Instance Learning Framework for MRI-based Multifocal Cancer Outcome Prediction

Jianan Chen, University of Toronto

O26-2: An Exploration of Myocardial Blood Flow, Blood Volume, and Oxygen Consumption at Varying Levels of Hyperemic Stress Reveals Blood Flow as the Dominant Influence on T2 Relaxation Time

Jill Weyers, Sunnybrook Research Institute

O27-2: Two multi-echo SPGR acquisitions for the simultaneous generation of SWI, qT1 and other parametric maps: preliminary data

Vishaal Sumra, University of Toronto


O25-3: A multi-modality radiomics-based model for predicting recurrence in non-small cell lung cancer

Jaryd R Christie, Western University

O26-3: Development of a Human-Based Dual PET/MR Reporter Gene System for In Vivo Cell Tracking

Nourhan Shalaby, Western University

O27-3: Cross validation of 3AM Diffusion MRI phantoms using microscopy, synchrotron micro computed-tomography, and simulation.

Farah N Mushtaha, Robarts Research Institute


O25-4: Radiomics for head and neck cancer prognostication: results from the RADCURE machine learning challenge

Michal Kazmierski, University of Toronto

O26-4: Magnetic Field Mapping in High Susceptibility Region using Pure Phase Encoding MRI

Layle Bazzi, University of Windsor

O27-4: Optimized oscillating gradients for frequency dependent in vivo diffusion kurtosis measurement

Kevin B Borsos, Western University


O25-5: Radiomics Analysis to Predict Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Presence in Computed Tomography Imaging using Machine Learning

Ryan Au, Ryerson University

O26-5: An activatable reporter gene system to visualize cell-cell communication in cancer immunotherapies

TianDuo Wang, Western University

O27-5: Measuring Ischemic Volumes using Quantitative Multiphase CT Angiography Perfusion Maps

Kevin J Chung, Western University


Zoom Meeting Room 1


Beyond Animal Testing: New Frontiers in Human-Centred Science

Dr. Charu Chandrasekera

Chairs: David Holdsworth, Miranda Kirby


Closing Remarks and Awards

Miranda Kirby and Pascal Fallavollita